Marina Veli Rat


Moor in Veli Rat, in the sailing paradise of Croatia
The marina is equipped with a reception, sanitary facilities, and a mini-market. Purchase drinks, pastries, and delicious Croatian specialties, and enjoy your stay.


Marina Veli Rat

N 44°08'36.2" / E 14°50'53.1" Šetnica Ivana Klarina, 23287, Veli Rat

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Marina Veli Rat reception:
Address: Šetnica Ivana Klarina,
23287 Veli Rat, Croatia
Tel.: 00385 (0) 23 378 072
Fax: 00385 (0) 23 378 072
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 08:00 – 16:00
Opening hours are reduced during the low season.
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Marina Baotić

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